Denver Hot Tub Season Is Here!

By November 9, 2017Hot Tub Services

Hello everyone!

It’s Debbie with this quarter’s spa and pool blog.

Now that pool season is officially over, we turn our focus to those that brave the elements and hot tub!

The energy company says it costs less to maintain the temperature in a controlled environment than it does to allow the temperature to get cold and then crank the heat before you use it.

They are correct.

You will not save money, in fact quite the opposite. The biggest worry is you are rolling the dice on freezing your plumbing. Please maintain an enjoyable water temperature consistently from December to mid March in Colorado.

Denver Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

My recommendation for the month of November is to have the hot tub drained and sanitized.

Now that we’ve added the fresh water to the hot tub, we’ll set the controls for maximum energy efficiency and you’re all set for a few months. We will want to do this again in late February to mid March – Call now to schedule! (303) 789-2980

Another subject I am often discussing with clients is lighting. Many of us use our patio lights and garden lights only in summer. That leaves us at the mercy of a motion sensored light, or lights that just may not reach the hot tub area. People fall every year and the result can be life altering. Choose something with a flattening flow so you stay relaxed and aren’t trying to attract the often unwanted attention from neighbors. Portable or battery operated carriage lights or lanterns are ideal in my opinion, because you can set them directly on the ground or deck, marking your walkway. When you’re done and all dried off, just retrieve them and put away until next time.

Thank you for visiting our website again and please feel free to call us with any questions or to schedule any one of our hot tub or pool services (for those of you lucky enough to have an indoor pool).

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you, and know we are truly grateful that you choose Dan and I as your spa guy and pool girl.

Until next time friends, take care.


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