Above Ground Pool Repair, Inspections

//Above Ground Pool Repair, Inspections

Purchasing a home can create enough stress as it is, but if you’re buying a home that has a pool it is crucial that a pool inspection be done before closing.  Without an inspection, you could be walking into a situation that requires thousands of dollars of repairs or maintenance for the pool. This is an easy situation to avoid, and it can be done by using a trusted professional to inspect the pool.  The full inspection is designed to diagnose existing impairments with your potential pool.

Having worked in and around pools for three decades, we can quickly diagnose any existing flaws.  The first thing we want to identify is the safety of the pool, and finding any safety hazards is the top priority.  This includes things like proximity to electrical wires or outlets, fencing around the pool, or other hazards in or around the pool. From there, we want to inspect the condition of the pool. If there are cracks or leaks, or even discoloration and fading, it is important for you to know about it prior to purchasing the home.  Finally, we want to audit the condition of all the pool’s equipment. This means thoroughly inspecting drains, pumps, filters, and anything else going in to the operation of the pool. 

Above Ground Pool Repair

Once the inspection has been completed, you will have a clear understanding of any current issues you may be facing with the purchase of your home.  We are committed to providing you with transparency and clarity.  We are a family run business, and treat our clients as an extension of our family.  We have a deep knowledge of all types of pools, and a well of experience to go along with it.  You can rest assured knowing that your pool inspection is in the best hands.

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