Annual Pool Service – Openings and Closings

//Annual Pool Service – Openings and Closings

From April through June, and September through October Dan and the guys are waking up pools, and putting pools to sleep.  Let us take that chore and worry off your hands. When done right, your pool can stay in top shape.


It’s a service we take very seriously.  Below is information about our above ground pool opening and closing services, as well as our in-ground pool opening and closing services.

Above Ground Pool Opening and Closing



  • Cover Removal – have your cover drained and free of as much debris as possible before we arrive.  
  • Complete assembly of pump/filter station and detailed inspection of associated pool parts
  • Cleaning (depending on adequate water level) – We will give your pool a quick, overall cleaning.  If we closed the pool, it will be sparkling clean like drinking water. If we did not close it, and the water is dirty, smelly, and not clear – additional fees will apply.


We DO NOT in any case install ladders or steps.  Installation of your above ground entry and exit system is the responsibility of the client – always.


Closing includes:

  • Cleaning – overall cleaning to ensure a smooth opening.
  • Drain – pool to proper winterization level.
  • Disconnect – and winterize all plumbing.
  • Disassemble – and winterize pump station.
  • Cover – installation of your current cover.


We DO NOT, in any case, physically enter a pool in order to remove a pool ladder.  Customer is responsible to remove their own ladders and weighted steps prior to Dan’s arrival.


In Ground Pool Opening & Closing


Opening Includes:

  • Cover removal and prep for summer storage. 
  • Ladder and diving board installation (if removed).
  • Pump Station Assembly
  • Detailed Inspection of equipment, including heater
  • Start up of heater


We ask that you use your cover pump to remove excess water from cover, as well as to remove as much of the collected debris as possible.  In the event you are unable to pump and remove debris, an additional fee will be assessed by Dan upon his arrival.  Additional appendage fees also apply to pools that have non-standard equipment that is part of the overall waterflow system.  Appendages include in-floor cleaning systems, water slides, attached spas, waterfalls, fountains, spill-over diving boards and all other non-standard equipment.


What to expect:

You can expect your pool to be swimmable in as little as just a few days once your water quality becomes balanced.  Below is what you’ll need to do to help make sure that happens.  Your pump and filtration system play a key role in filtering out debris and algae from your pool water.  You’ll want to be sure to:

  • Backwash your sand filter at least once per day – once per day is usually enough, however the dirtier the pool, the more it will need to be backwashed.  This removes debris that gets caught in the sand and assures that water can flow easily through the entire system so it can be filtered. Keep in mind that backwashing the sand filter will lower the pool water level, so keep your hose handy to maintain a proper pool water level.
  • Keep all skimmer and pump baskets as clean as possible.  Check these often. Clean baskets make for a much more efficient overall filtration system.
  • Vacuum and Top Skim Daily.  Your pool should be skimmed on a daily basis throughout the season.  Vacuuming once or twice a week should be sufficient.
  • Water test and balance.  Test your water using a reputable test kit or pool store water quality testing station.  Once you’ve been able to test the water, add the required amount of chemicals to get your pool into a perfect balance.

After following these basic guidelines, you will stay up and running with great water quality.


Closing Includes:

  • Cleaning – overall cleaning.
  • Remove – all pool return fittings, ladders – we do not recommend removing diving board but will if you would like us to.
  • Blow out – all pool lines with pressurized air, and plug them.
  • Disconnect – plumbing at pump station, blow out lines.
  • Disassemble – pump station.
  • Cover – we will install your current cover.


Additional appendage fees apply to pools with non-standard equipment that is part of the overall waterflow system of the pool, such as in-floor cleaning systems, waterslides, attached spas, waterfalls, spill over spas, etc.

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