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Call us at (303) 789-2980 so we can address your specific needs. DND Spas specializes as Hot Tub Repair and Pool Builders Denver CO and have been installing pools and hot tubs for over 25 years. Whether you want to winterize your hot tub, install a new heating element, order a new hot tub cover, or fix a leaky hot tub, Debbie & Dan have got you covered!

We offer you the following:

  • New & Reconditioned Hot Tubs
  • Hot Tub Relocation
  • Competitive Labor Rates
  • Service on All Makes and Models of Hot Tubs & Pools
  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Hot Tub Covers
  • Above Ground and In Ground Pool Repair (Vinyl Liner Specialists)
  • Chemical Delivered Free With $100 Purchase or More (Metro Denver CO)
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Great Rates on Parts, Give Us a Call!
  • Service, Service and More Service!!!
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Hot Tub Products

Whether relaxing or recovering, harness the power of water to help you physically, psychologically and even socially. A hot tub or pool can assist in healing the body and the mind. Our customers report decreased joint pain, improved flexibility and better quality of sleep – allowing them to stay active. Let us help you experience a euphoric feeling of rejuvenation in the private setting of your own back yard. Give us the chance to help you rest and recharge by servicing, renovating or building your therapeutic environment. Enjoy the rehabilitating rewards of water!

We look forward to serving your family or business. Call Debbie for friendly, knowledgeable service at (303) 789-2980.

Hot Tub Service

  • Since 1990, we have provided a level of excellence unparalleled in the pool and hot tub service Denver CO industry, giving personalized attention to our customers’ needs. That would explain our A Rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are, and always have been, fully insured.
  • Our reputation as the most trusted source in Colorado for everything hot tub, spa and pool is simply because we sell and install the industry’s best brands of equipment—all of which are made in the USA. Our client list has grown past 10,000 and these same customers realize the value in obtaining service from a family-owned and operated business.
  • Whatever brings you here today, I look forward to working with you and seeing that all your needs are met. Call me, Dan, today for friendly advice. Together we’ll come up with a plan and a schedule that best suits your needs: 303 789 2980.
  • Hot Tub Chemistry Service
  • Winterizing Hot Tub Service
  • Spa Valet Service
  • Routine Hot Tub and Pool Maintenance 

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debbie dnd spas


Pool and Hottub Specialist

Debbie Asmus has been providing hottub repair and installations and high end pool installations to the Denver Colorado Metro area for 25 years. She takes immense pride in her work which is shown in the level of personalized service she provides her clients. Specializing in vinyl pool liner installations and replacements, you can be sure that your pool will be looking it's finest in the very capable hands of Debbie!

Debbie Asmus, Owner

hot tub spa in the evening
dan replacing a vinyl pool liner

Hot Tub Spa Service Denver Co

You must be thinking, “Who does the best hot tub service near me?”. Well you don’t have to wonder any longer, because you’ve found the best hot tub repair and complete hot tub service company in Denver Colorado metro area. We have all the right tools, and hot tub chemicals to make your hot tub care and spa maintenance a breeze. Hot tub water chemistry should not be taken lightly because a neglected hot tub will eventually wear down on the components. Not to mention improper hot tub cleaning is hazardous to your health. Whether you just need hot tub maintenance, or something is wrong with your spa and you need hot tub repair services, Debbie and Dan have all the experience after 25 years of keeping hot tubs running all over Colorado. Hopefully you don’t need spa repair but you do, be sure to call Recreational Equipment and Installations (That’s us, DNDSpas.com).

Pool Repair Denver Co

You’re a proud owner of an outdoor or indoor pool, so we don’t need to tell you how important it is to provide proper pool care for your investment. By caring for your pool, you can avoid future pool repair and unforeseen repair costs. We offer routine pool maintenance to have your pool in it’s best shape, year round. We can take care of your pool pump repair and maintenance, pool filter repair and cleaning and pool gas heater repair. We also do vinyl pool liner installations and replacements. The photo above you can see Dan in the bottom of a newly vinyl lined pool!

Hot Tub Maintenance Services Denver Co

When was the last time you really cleaned your hot tub? A quick drain and refill doesn’t count. Proper hot tub maintenance services requires the proper know-how to do it right. Filters, pumps and tubes all need to be inspected to make sure your hot tub is running correctly, and won’t cause you the headache of added hot tub repair costs in the future. Be sure to consider our hot tub maintenance services Denver CO!

Hot Tub Basics

Modern molded plastic hot tubs are comfortable and come in a variety of hues that can withstand any climate and home decor, replacing the older wooden hot tub spas of the 1960’s. Hot tubs do in fact require structural support and access to electrical power, are now featured with jets that produce soothing pressure on sore muscles, lounge style chairs, cup holders, color changing lights, foam neck supports, built in radio and waterproof speakers and more.

The hot tub area is normally located in a more private location on a person’s residential property. This includes secluded backyards, patios or enclosed deck areas. This area becomes a frequent social gathering place for families and friends if you take care of your hot tub spa consistently and correctly.

Hot tubs also serve as ultimate stress reducing personal retreats – right at your home. The hot tub’s mineral waters are therapeutic and the jets offer sore muscles a release in tension of your everyday aches and pains. Hot tubs are also an excellent complement to a pool. You know, pool for summer and hot tub for winter! Visit our pool page for more information.

The hot tub and spa market has moved almost entirely to what’s called a free-standing spa. These hot tub product units are all self-contained with the tub vessel, motors, heaters, and filters all in one inclosed unit. This allows hot tub spas to be UL approved.

Hot Tub Installation

Installing hot tubs is usually a straightforward task.  An owner only needs water, and a power supply. This power supply is usually a premeditated plan for integrated power with the house. But you can literally just fill your hot tub with a garden hose, heat it, apply proper chemistry and get in.

In some cases the hot tub needs to have a cement patio laid for the tubs foundation. And depending on your home’s design, it may have to be lifted with a crane over the house to the desired location.

On rare occasions, a homeowner may want to invest in a in-ground hot tub. The key term here is invest because these in-ground hot tubs are much more expensive. However with major remodeling jobs you might consider the benefits of having a tub that is aesthetically integrated into your home’s master design.

Hot Tub Materials

The hot tub industry is dominated by artificial materials. The most common hot tub material is an acrylic tub with a fiberglass back.

Hot Tub Sizes

Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes. The most common types of hot tub holds about 450 – 500 gallons of water and comfortably seats six (6) adults.

On average a six person hot tub will cost you about $12 / month for heating. This is if you turn the temperature down to about 99 degrees while you’re not using it, and heat it up to your desired temperature only when you intend to use it. You also need to change your water out every 6 months which will add 500 gallons of water fees for those 2 months out of the year.

See our hot tub products page for more information.

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